About us

Chronology of Rob Baartman, Goldschmied-Atelier

The 3. january 1994 our company started on the Blümlisalpstrasse in Worb.

In 1997 we are moved on the Hauptstrasse 21 in the 1st floor of the "Kinohaus".

From april 2000 we are on the Hauptstrasse 20 in Worb.

Main activities

Create and produce various jewelry.

Change and repair jewelry from our own anf foreign production.

To knot pearls and gem necklaces.

Estimates for insurances.



Everything as for your jewelry

My professional history

1971 - 1974   Professional training at the "Vakschool Schoonhoven" in Holland.

                         Vocational school for goldmiths, silversmiths, watch makers, engravers

                         and jewellers.

1974 - 1976   Practical training at the company Heinz Pulver in Bern, Switzerland.

                         Produce, change and repair jewelry and gold spectacles.

1976 - 1977   Produce diamond jewelry at Van Moppes, diamondcuttery in

                         Amsterdam, Holland.

1977 - 1978   Model maker, repairer and seller at Jos v/d Ven, Casting in Turnhout,


1978 - 1979   Manager and model maker at Juweldesign, Casting in Oss, Holland.

1980 - 1982   Allround goldsmith in Eindhoven, Holland

1983 - 1988   Allround goldsmith and seller at Verlinden Jewellery in Helmond,


1989 - 1993   Allround goldsmith and representative at a goldsmith-studio in the

                         region of Bern, Switzerland.

from 1994       Self-employed goldsmith with a own studio in Worb, Switzerland.

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